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December 14, 2012 posted by

12 Days of Psyche: 1500 Pull-ups

Fuckin’ Stevie Haston, man! Psyche doesn’t always require video. Reading Stevie’s blog is like one long strange Psyche trip. This guy is, what, 55 years old? He’s been bolting all day (harder than climbing) and he comes home and rattles off 1500 pull-ups. It’s just so.. SO… rad. Then he posts this:

A perfect bolted a brilliant route, radiant sunset. . Got home and did 1500 pull ups on the board….. Still haven’t mastered the small sloper with one hand, anyway there is always tomorrow…

So, yeah, in the midst of all this he’s trying to hang a hold at his power limit. I don’t care if none of this sounds sensible because this guy’s older than me, stronger than me, and out training me. He wins.

Today I did a lot, me happy if I can keep it up for a couple of months I will improve. Simple Innit?
– Stevie un-bored Haston


  • Way down deep he's got the makings of a real badass.

  • He's was a World's Champion.

  • You shouldn't really try to compare yourself to a Brit, they just aren't like us and you'll always come out looking, well, like you were brewed with a bit too much water.

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