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12 Days of Psyche: Buildering

Here’s a 3- part Psyche for your Friday. When I first began climbing we buildered all the time. Gyms didn’t exist and real rock was a pain to get to so we made up all sorts of circuits on the UCLA campus. Next, during the start of the sport climbing movement, routes of glued-on holds under highway underpasses became all the rage until,eventually, gyms became the standard and buildering mainly disappeared. These three vids show that it’s still alive and well in some parts of the world. The first looks like better climbing. The second one come with this claim,

“At 2:42 min you will find a boulder called “FEINDESLIEBE” (EnemyLove) Font 8B+/8C, and in my opinion the hardest builder in the world.”

I’m not sure how the guy would know, given it’s a sport based on mainly lore (not to mention it’s often illegal) but, whatever, it’s pretty cool (click on the quote) and almost makes we want to look for some urban circuits around here.

Finally, we have an actual climbing vid that also features some buildering and makes it look pretty creative–perhaps even more fun than the route.


  • I'll grab my Gramicci pants and my Steal Pulse and Third World tapes and meet your out there.If only Reed still had Thumper….96 degrees in the shade……J

  • Got my Fires and my head band.

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