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12 Days of Psyche: Power Climbing

I love this style of climbing, which is a hybrid of bouldering and climbing. Routes like these require total focus once you leave the ground. You can never rest, or even recover, and the added element of rope and gear make them feel much different from bouldering. It’s not the kind of thing most people associate with climbing, where the common sentiment is higher, longer, better. But the way I look at it, the longer a route is the easier the movements must be, leaving for more margin for error. Short climbing require, as Todd Skinner said, “laser-like focus”. Most of my favorite routes have been similar.

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  • Bruce Anderson Good stuff. all my hardest sends are short power/pe routes.9 hours ago · LikeSteve Edwards They seem more memorable to me. Anything long I've done I can't really remember the moves or, really, anything other than hanging on while pumped. Short routes require a different zone.

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