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April 25, 2006 posted by

The Worst Food on the Planet

Nutrition 911, Part VI: The Worst Food on the PlanetBy Steve Edwards Welcome to Part VI of our oh-so-basic nutrition class designed to give you an overview of basic nutrition…

health news
April 25, 2006 posted by


As a coffee acheiver, I love to point to stuff like this. I’ve got something else to blog about today; I’m just sayin’… I’m finishing my coffee. Enjoying… my… coffee.

health news
April 21, 2006 posted by

Who Can You Trust?

I recently received an email from someone defending soda companies, using the line, “I trust companies like Pepsi and Coca-cola…”. I’m not sure where this trust comes from but it…

April 8, 2006 posted by

Dream State

Dream State I just got up. Still groggy, but I wanted to get this down. I dreamt about watching a movie last night—the entire movie. A full hour and a…