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November 29, 2006 posted by

Q and A about Fast Food Nation

For those of you not on my mailing list, here’s my link to my Fast Food Nation mailbag: Fast Food Nation: Your Questions and Comments Here’s an excerpt: I just…

November 21, 2006 posted by

Birthday Challenge Itinerary

“This is gonna hurt” I’m not ready for this in any way, shape, or form, but it’s time for a challenge so, This Friday, beginning at 5am, I’ll have 24…

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November 15, 2006 posted by

Fast Food Nation Reviews

I really like Richard Linklater, the director of Fast Food Nation, because no matter what pop culture, market research, or his distributors tell him he continues to make movies where…

November 14, 2006 posted by

Anyone Can Now Comment On…

Anything. It was brought to my attention that you needed to have your own blog to comment. Oops. Sorry – I don’t know a lot about blogging. I didn’t mean…

birthday challenge
November 13, 2006 posted by

Birthday Challenge Blog Is Up

My 2006 Birthday Challenge blog is up. It’s both instrutions for other challengers on doing their blogs but also some history, which I’ll past below as well. I Thought It…

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November 10, 2006 posted by

Hamburger Facts To Chew On

Next week our Beachbody newsletter will have a review of Fast Food Nationas well as an interview with Richard Linkletter and Eric Schlosser. While you’re waiting, hereare some facts to…

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November 8, 2006 posted by

See Fast Food Nation For Free

If you’re reading this, you probably care about your health. If this is the case, you’ve got to get out and see Fast Food Nation. Hey, you should read it,…

November 8, 2006 posted by

Dealing with Injury

In the scheme of things, my back is only a minor annoyance. However, I’m not that good a typist on my back, plus, not exercising makes me irritable. Anyway, I’m…

November 1, 2006 posted by

Best Bouldering Day of the Year

I’m back in Ca, getting my back worked on in hopes of actually being able to support my girlfriend in her upcoming 100 mile race. Since race support of this…