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April 27, 2007 posted by


After failing on the last move of my project–twice–last week I opted out of the 50 mile race in Fruita in order to give my project one more go. On…

April 18, 2007 posted by

Experience and Bullshit

In life, experience and bullshit can carry one through many situations that you’re otherwise unprepared for. The question this weekend is, can it carry me through a 50 mile race?…

April 17, 2007 posted by

Peaks and Valleys

pics: Bob, Sandee, Ratso and Bobby (Taste of the Valley manager) working on the first few tastings. Sandee somewhere on Figueroa mtn road and finishing her last Peep. While illness…

April 9, 2007 posted by


I got on a route last week that I think I’ll invest in. Projects were a major part of my life for most of the 90s. This decade, however, I’ve…

April 5, 2007 posted by

Fast and Light

A new speed record has been set on the Eiger, perhaps the most famous north face in the world. Here’s a quick account with some history. Good stuff. Eiger Speed…

April 2, 2007 posted by

Training Update: Man, March Sucked

Following two good months of base training with a recovery month is sorta missing the whole point of base training. Unfortunately, with the year’s first test only three weeks away,…