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3 Scrapes to the Ground, Baaaahhhh
July 31, 2007 posted by

3 Scrapes to the Ground, Baaaahhhh

I did my first official ultra the other day, the Wasatch Speedgoat 50k in Snowbird. This wasn’t your typical ultra as it was designed by the Speedgoats, two guys that…

July 30, 2007 posted by

Le Grand Boucle of Dope

I’ve had a few adventures lately, which I’ll get to later this week, but first y thoughts on this year’s Tour. Another Grand Boucle has come to an end and,…

health news
July 27, 2007 posted by

Bottled Water Sucks!

Finally this topic is getting some play. This was a headline topic today. I’m proud to announce that my town is one of two–so far–that are trying to ban this…

July 27, 2007 posted by

Coffee, Exercise, May Help Fight Skin Cancer

“I’m stayin’. I’m finishing my coffee. Enjoyin’ my coffee.” Walter Sobchek From the wires. I will probably wait for some more research before I stop slathering on the sunscreen but…

health news
July 25, 2007 posted by

Interactive Obesity Map Since 1985

Even with all of the info and available help we now have this trend continues to rise at an alarming rate. Scary stuff.

health news
July 20, 2007 posted by

Scary Study

At least I shouldn’t be out of work anytime soon… Study: 75% of U.S. overweight by 2015 if current trends continue An analysis of 20 studies indicates 75% of U.S….

July 17, 2007 posted by

And Then There Were Nine

The Tour couldn’t be different than during the Armstrong era. With no real favorites riders are all looking at each other and no one team dares to try and take…

July 11, 2007 posted by

My Legs Are Killing Me

I haven’t posted a training report in a while but I have been training. Lately, my life’s been nothing but training and work. But after a month of weddings, birthday…

July 9, 2007 posted by

Lance to Landis: Le Tour or Le Suck?

One of our local races made up yellow shirts with “Le Suck” on them. I can see why. With in the insane doping problems surrounding the sport it’s hard not…