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November 30, 2007 posted by

Thanks for WOWY-ing!

Thanks to everyone who WOWYed during my birthday challenge. The stats showed that we had three times our normal numbers. Now that you’re doing it, keep it up! WOWY is…

November 24, 2007 posted by

Here’s To All My Friends!

Thanks everyone for you well wishes! It all begins in a few hours and I’d better get some sleep. For the details: You can WOWY anytime beginning at midnight…

November 19, 2007 posted by

Monday Morning Inspiration Video

So I didn’t manage to catch up on sleep but I did renew my enthusiasm, in part due to this little video. The vid’s not that great but the music…

birthday challenge
November 19, 2007 posted by


When I say each day I mean some days or, perhaps, each day I feel like writing. I do have actual work that comes first. I only get to the…

November 16, 2007 posted by

Friday Inspirational Video

This route is just beautiful. Wish it were closer to home. I love aretes. They are, by far, my favorite rock feature to both look at and climb. Feel free…

November 7, 2007 posted by

Workout With Me

I’ve updated my training blog for my upcoming challenge. Now you can virtually train with me using our WOWY feature at MDB. Since most of you probably aren’t in need…

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November 6, 2007 posted by

It’s A Fat World After All

Disneyland has closed down some rides to retro them for our fatter society. Scroll down for the article: Like those who deny that global warming is occuring even though…

birthday challenge
November 5, 2007 posted by

Birthday Challenge 2007

My new birthday challenge blog is up: Challenge Blog As usual, I have no idea if I can do it. In fact, if I tried tomorrow I couldn’t. I also…

health news
November 2, 2007 posted by

How Bad Is Sugar?

“Just think,” said my friend Ben last night. “This is how normal people feel all of the time.” We were in a comatose state of a sugar crash that came…