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June 25, 2008 posted by


This morning I overslept on purpose. Yesterday, I spent a good part of my work day researching sleep and, after what I’d found, getting back in bed seemed smart instead…

June 25, 2008 posted by


Nothing, NOTHING, is as important as motivation when it comes to getting fit. With enough motivation everything will fall into place eventually. Without it, all the science in the world…

June 24, 2008 posted by

Mind Over Mountains

My friend Hans is up to something pretty cool. He and Yuji Hirayama are trying to break the Huber brothers’ speed record on The Nose. This wouldn’t be big news…

June 20, 2008 posted by

Good Old Fashioned Weight Training

I’ve been incredibly sore all week. Part of this is from doing a race as my first run of the year. The other part is from picking up the intensity…

June 18, 2008 posted by


When I’m doing a doubles routine a skip a lot of the more aerobic-oriented workouts in X because I’m generally getting heaps of this type of training on my bike….

June 17, 2008 posted by

Block III

My legs were pretty cooked from yesterday’s adventure so I began the third 90x block with Back & Biceps and now I’m so pumped that my arms are swollen up…

BAM – A Race Report
June 16, 2008 posted by

BAM – A Race Report

Since Tony likes to say “bam”, it seems fitting that it would be the name of my first event during this round of 90X. My friend Mike told me recently…

June 12, 2008 posted by


I haven’t been too strict with diet over the course of the program. But since I always eat decently my results are progressing just fine. For the next two weeks,…

June 12, 2008 posted by

Thanks Tony

Actually it’s thanks Beachbody, which you’ll find here on our wedding site, but since this thread is about P90X I thought I’d throw some extra love Tony’s way for contributing…

June 9, 2008 posted by

Dilemmas Of A Weekend Warrior

The main problem with being an advanced weekend warrior is that even when you’re in shape for one sport you’re out of shape for another. Since I cycle my sports…