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July 30, 2008 posted by

No Star Tuesdays

Being a sort who’s enjoys scruffy climbing I was pretty psyched to hear about No Star Tuesdays. I wanted to join Zac and the crew this week but it just…

One on One
July 28, 2008 posted by

Life After P90X

I spent the last few weeks just riding and climbing–no other training at all. Since my training is all to support a myriad of sports I don’t have the same…

July 22, 2008 posted by

Supplements, Dope, and The Tour, Part II

I’m officially bored of this topic. Well, I’m not really. It’s fascinating. But I’m ready for the cycling news to be about racing and training. It’s getting better, for sure….

July 18, 2008 posted by

Supplements, Dope, and The Tour, Part I

My friend Heather asked why I wasn’t blogging on the Tour this year. I’m not because I’m all about 90X at the moment, but I’ve also been a bit bored…

July 16, 2008 posted by topadmin

Big Cottonwood

I love the climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This, apparently, is a strange sentiment. Most people I run across hate it. I find the rock some of the most friendly…

July 16, 2008 posted by


With two weeks off after finishing my 90 days I’m pretty sore. The reason is that during my “off” time I began both interval training on the bike and climbing…

July 14, 2008 posted by topadmin

Why This Blog?

I was thinking yesterday that I may have spent more time climbing in weird or obscure areas around the world than anyone alive. During the decade I spent on the…

July 14, 2008 posted by topadmin

The Slips

For a blog focusing on obscure routes it’s a little strange to begin at one of the most popular areas in Big Cottonwood. There are a few weird routes here…

July 12, 2008 posted by


“Age doesn’t mean shit.”– Johnny Gray, after winning the Pan Am games 800m nearing his forth decade After interviewing Tony for his 50th you’d probably think that he and I…