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September 29, 2008 posted by

Ride & Climb 5 Canyons

I’ve been working out the logistics for my friend Trent’s birthday challenge, which is to do a human-powered five canyon day, featuring riding and climbing. Trent’s great at coming up…

September 25, 2008 posted by

The Big Nasty

Romney and I dusted off the tandem and rode the Moab Century Tour last weekend. We hadn’t ridden it since Ebbett’s Pass over the July 4th weekend as it’s been…

September 24, 2008 posted by


This word still doesn’t show up in the dictionary, yet, it’s probably the most important technical term in physical training. Lack of adherence to the principles of periodizational training means…

September 23, 2008 posted by

Fall Training Program: Walking the Talk

Fall is the time of year where I usually combine my summer aerobic fitness with a more power oriented training cycle to build up for a birthday challenge. This year…

September 18, 2008 posted by

Birthday Challenge Thoughts

It hasn’t been much of an athletic year but it’s time to start thinking about a challenge. My new page is up. It’s still in the works, so suggestions are…

September 18, 2008 posted by

The Tao of Running

sunset over SLC It seems I’m finally able to run again pain free. Last week, the dogs (Beata and Copper, who is just hangin’ out with us for a bit)…

September 12, 2008 posted by

Maybe We Need A Senior’s Tour

The return of the Texan is getting more press than the presidential race. Not only that, it seems to have prompted a slew of possible comebacks. Landis, Chechu, Beloki, Boogerd….

September 11, 2008 posted by

The Lance Chronicles

As most of my friends’ “cycling friend” I’ve been asked a lot about the Texan’s big return. I’ll comment further on but, in general, I’m psyched. I’ve already bet a…

September 8, 2008 posted by

Charging Like Madmen

The Eagles’ strength and conditioning coach is a big advocate of P90X. He talked to Tony after yesterday’s season opener, after the Eagles laid a can of whoop-ass on the…