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ABC Training
December 5, 2008 posted by

A-B-Cs of Training, Part II

For part II we’ll take a look at how to construct a training cycle. When designing a training cycle you consider three main factors: your goals, your limitations (injuries mainly),…

December 4, 2008 posted by

Great Lance Photos

Lance’s comeback can only be good for cycling, especially in the US. His every move is being chronicled by the press. His web site,, keeps it organized and, if…

ABC Training
December 3, 2008 posted by

A-B-Cs of Training, Part I

In order to train concurrently for non-similar sports I need to be very efficient. Oddly enough, I got a post about this just today on the Beachbody Message Boards, which…

December 3, 2008 posted by

Goals for 2009

Part of this year’s birthday challenge is a series of 12 goals for the upcoming year. Some of these goals are very hard, while others should be easy if my…