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2008/9 Early Season Training

The objective is to build a solid base over the winter that will carry me through the next play season. The program is built around my first performance peak at the end of April for the duathlon nationals. The goal is to qualify for the world championships, so it’s not planned for a 100% peak. If I can work out how to get all of my equipment to Virginia, I’m more interested in seeing how I hold up doing two national championship races in two days than my placement in each, provided that I place high enough to make the national team.

I plan to then focus on climbing and bike racing through the spring/summer. At 10 weeks from worlds (providing I qualify), training will begin for a major peak.

This training began last April, with P90X and X Plus. Summer was filled with lots of outdoor playing. I’ll be using these workouts, along with 10 Minute Trainer, to round out the aerobic base created during the summer over Oct & Nov to get ready for the more sports specific training below.

This is a big picture analysis. The specifics will unfold as it comes about. Like all training programs it’s subject to change as it progresses. For an even bigger picture scroll through the September postings.

pics: good form vs bad form – compared to dave z i’m a mess. part of these drill sessions will be to improve this, which is something that i’ve never really worked on.

Peak #1

Gym Training ending early April

First goal: National off-road and on-road duathlon championships
Richmond, Virginia
April 25 – off-road
April 26 – road

End Nov – early Jan

Hypertrophy – 6 weeks

Phase objective: increase muscle base, prepare for higher intensity

Leg 8-10 reps 2 X week

Upper combo workouts = cross train, systems wall, core 2 X week

Yoga/Core 1 X week

Bike 1 X week (drills only)

Run 1 X week (drills only)

Climb only as warm-up for systems workout

Aerobic base – skiing, hiking

Early Jan – end Feb

Power – 6 weeks
Phase objective: Turn mass into absolute strength

Leg 4-6 reps 1 X week
Plyo 1 X week

Upper add resistance combo workouts = cross train, systems wall, core 1 X week
– campus board w/ core 1 X week

Yoga/Core 1 X week

Bike 1 X week (power drills)

Run 1 X week (power drills)

Bike/Run brick 1 X week (transition & power drills)

Climb only as warm-up for systems/campus workout

Aerobic base – skiing, hiking

End Feb – early April

Engram – 6 weeks

Phase objective: muscular efficiency by optimizing neuromuscular patterns/concurrently improving AT and VO2 max

Leg P90X one-legged leg work for coordination 1 X week

Upper targeted bouldering sessions/ core (4x4s, etc) 1 X week

Yoga/Core 1 X week

Bike 2 X week (interval training)

Run 1 X week (interval training)

Bike/Run brick 1 X week (race training)

Climb one hard outside climbing day per week

General Note – Recovery Periods will be added as necessary when necessary, most likely a few days to a week between each training block.


Fine tune and taper – 3 weeks

Phase objective: get ready to do back to back races at end of April

Leg None

Upper None

Yoga/Core as necessary

Bike 3/4 X week (a lot of easy riding with short intervals)

Run 2/3 X week (easy running with short intervals)

Bike/Run brick 2 X week (hard then easier as race approaches)

Climb whenever the chance arises

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