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September 28, 2009 posted by

Jack LaLanne Challenge

Jack LaLanne week, as it should, culminated with a challenge. On Thursday night I got to meet Jack at a party thrown in his honor. As I told Denis, I…

September 22, 2009 posted by

Feeling Old?

Check out this 74-year old. Apparently there are over 40,000 people in Japan that are over 100 years old, and I’m sure this has much more to do with lifestyle…

September 21, 2009 posted by

Preaching The Here And Now

On Thursday I’ll be attending Jack LaLanne’s birthday party. On Sat, I’ll be doing a fitness challenge in honor of his birthday. I guess that makes this officially Jack LaLanne…

September 18, 2009 posted by

Join The Jack LaLanne Challenge

I started the feats because everyone said I was just a muscle-bound charlatan. I had to show them I was an athlete. “Maybe you don’t believe in Jesus,” Jack continued,…

September 16, 2009 posted by


I suck at yoga but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to get better each day over the last couple of months. Today, while trying to follow Gillian Clark during…

September 11, 2009 posted by

The Anti-Inflammatory Myth

“There is no indication or rationale for the current prophylactic use of NSAIDs by athletes, and such ritual use represents misuse.” Say what? If you’re like a lot of my…

September 10, 2009 posted by

My Profile

A lot of people ask what I do for Beachbody. This should give you some idea. I had no idea BNN was doing this. I get interviewed about a lot…

September 8, 2009 posted by


“Pythagoras most of all seems to have honored and advanced the study concerned with numbers, having taken it away from the use of merchants and likening all things to numbers.”…

September 3, 2009 posted by


Steve McClure – Hubble 8c+ from ben pritchard on Vimeo. Here are some great words (and video) from Steve McClure. He succinctly sums up a lot of the reasons why…