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October 30, 2009 posted by

Scary Or Not Scary?

If P90X has become so popular that it’s now a Halloween costume, how come the obesity epidemic isn’t dropping? Check out this email that went around the office today: Subject:…

October 28, 2009 posted by


Yesterday I tossed balance aside to have a Patxi day—2,500 moves in the gym. This was inspired by the film Progression. In particular, the segment of World Cup champion Patxi…

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October 27, 2009 posted by

Immune Boost

With the swine flu spreading through the west like a wildfire I’m glad I’ve got my Immune Boost. While my job is to evaluate and edit the products we make,…

October 21, 2009 posted by


My entire training philosophy is now based around balance. I’ve always known about the importance of balance but my endeavors as a human lab rat have meant that I was…

October 19, 2009 posted by

Virtual Suffering…

…can almost be as good as the real thing. I’m adding a 24-hour solo race to my things-to-do list. In general I don’t like to race my mountain bike. I…

health news
October 15, 2009 posted by

Gina Kolata And The Art Of Saying Nothing

Today the NY Times ran an article deconstructing the time-honored exercise cool-down, finally deeming it unnecessary for most of us. The problem with the article, however, was that its deconstruction…

October 12, 2009 posted by

Born To Run

I recently had one of the more pleasurable reading experiences of my life. I read a lot. As you might imagine, much of this is fairly technical in its nature…

October 12, 2009 posted by

Action Direct

Think you’re training hard enough? Well you’re probably not training as hard as Rich Simpson was for Action Direct. Last month I posted video of Hubble. This month is the…

October 6, 2009 posted by

You Can’t Fire A Cannon From A Canoe

I’ve spent the last week at a conference. Well, it’s more of a brain dump, actually. A good friend of mine has cancer and, with his future uncertain, rounded up…