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January 29, 2010 posted by

Barefoot Running Strikes Back

If you’re a runner, to shod or not to shod is the question of the millennium. Or, at least, how to shod; high tech running shoes or something minimal? The…

January 26, 2010 posted by

Power & Aging

Power is the strength athlete’s Holy Grail. Power (absolute strength) training is our crack. It’s addicting, and I’ve know many athletes over the years who eschew everything, even their sport’s…

January 22, 2010 posted by

The Endless Ascent

I’m super inspired by Will Gadd’s effort on The Endless Ascent. His approach and training are exactly the kind of thing that I look for in my birthday challenges. Reading…

January 20, 2010 posted by

Eiger Interlude

For a transition phase interlude, here’s a pretty cool show about Dean Potter attempting to solo the Eiger with a base rig. It’s got climbing, wingsuit jumping, highlining, and a…

January 14, 2010 posted by

Happy New Year!

With the new training facility functional the New Year is in full swing. Hope you’re resolutions are just getting warmed up and you meet all of your fitness goals—or at…

January 12, 2010 posted by


I’ve been asked to log more actual workouts. I don’t often do this because I find it boring when I read it on other sites. I guess, however, this would…

January 7, 2010 posted by

Flexibility & Performance

There’s a good interview with Ivan Basso in the latest edition of Cycle Sport. For those who don’t know, he was Armstrong’s heir apparent in the Tour before getting busted…