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July 30, 2010 posted by

Mom of 4 FA’s 14b

Jacinda Hunter: Driving Force from Prana Living on Vimeo. Today the psyche series spotlights Jacinda Hunter. The mother of four, who also has a full-time career, recently did the first…

July 29, 2010 posted by

Transition Phases

There aren’t transition phases built into the Workout From Hell. That’s not a mistake though, to be sure, periodizational training wasn’t as common in the 80s as it is today….

July 26, 2010 posted by

Supplement Strategies

I’ve been asked to blog more about supplements so I’ll start with a post on what I take and why. As many of you know, I’m referred to as Beachbody’s…

July 22, 2010 posted by

Cortisol & Your Exercise Program

Since I just finished another pump-inducing WFH workout it seemed like a good time to post on cortisol. Back in the 80s it wasn’t a big topic. Well, it actually…

July 19, 2010 posted by

Life Without A Shirt

“When you haven’t been laid in three months there are more important things than climbing. This spring I’m wearing tank tops to school everyday.” – semi-famous climber to me (loudly)…

July 15, 2010 posted by

Why Short Intense Exercise Is Best

I was asked to critique Dr. Mercola’s critique (like the show we once wanted to do where we came on after Sneak Previews and critiqued Siskel and Ebert’s movie reviews)…

July 14, 2010 posted by

WFH: Beefin’

I know, 15 reps is technically endurance but after three weeks of 30, 15 makes you feel like you’re training for Mr. Olympia. Back in the Shed Days, when Phil…

July 13, 2010 posted by

Viva Espana!

I’ve finally found something to post on the World Cup. Joe Posnanski’s SI piece, called The Glory of Spain, is part II of the psyche series. The article is written…

July 12, 2010 posted by

Psyche: Kids (For Hassan)

Mammut Pro Team travelled to Rumney in the US state of New Hampshire– Watch more Videos at Vodpod. I’ve got to say the Interweb is pretty cool. I run across…