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August 27, 2010 posted by

Get Psyched; Stay Psyched!

This week’s Friday psyche series is about, well, psyche. When you have it you find your answers. Life is ubiquitously good. In fact, I submit it can’t be bad because…

August 25, 2010 posted by

Why Train?

Climbing is easy. Training is hard.-Patxi Usobiaga I’ve been training now for 10 weeks and looking at my stats, not much has changed. I weigh about the same. According to…

August 23, 2010 posted by

Shakeology & The GI Index

We’ve been doing a lot of lab testing on Shakeology lately to ensure it’s, as we say, the healthiest meal of the day. As there have been a lot of…

August 20, 2010 posted by

“Doc” Horton on Jim Rome

Tony stole the Jim Rome show for half an hour today, adding a breath of fitness and health to a show that I can’t help but equate to the film…

August 20, 2010 posted by

Defining Strength vs Power

As I move into block III of the Workout From Hell the program is starting to divert from the original format. My goal at the beginning was to modernize an…

August 17, 2010 posted by

Capacity For Strength

Super slow training is excellent for gaining mass. I gained four pounds in the last three weeks. But big muscle is not necessarily strong muscle. To get a positive net…

August 12, 2010 posted by

Post-activation Potentiation

I haven’t blogged this week because I’m studying something called post-activation potentiation (PAP) at my buddy Marcus’ training faclitly in Santa Barbara. You’ll be hearing more about Marcus, or Dr….

August 6, 2010 posted by

Jens The Barbarian

Today’s edition of the Friday psyche series features Jens Voigt, one of the toughest bike racers in history. Jens has won a lot of bike races. Because he’s not a…

August 3, 2010 posted by

Don’t Wanna’ Look Small

I can’t wait to get back to playing outside but I’ve got to admit I’m enjoying my journey back into old school weight lifting. To me, it’s very hard to…