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January 31, 2011 posted by

Vacationing From Meat At Taco Bell

Things have been a little heady here at TSD lately so let’s lighten them with a little fast food fun. I suppose, if fast food were a staple of your…

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January 28, 2011 posted by

Carrying The Torch For Jack

As I’m sure you all know, fitness icon Jack LaLanne died this weekend so , after a week of silence, TSD giving him the Friday psyche (again). As he passed…

jack lalanne
January 24, 2011 posted by

Jack LaLanne

“Billy Graham preaches the hereafter. I preach the here-and-now.” RIPSept 26. 1914 – Jan. 23 2011 Jack article 1 Jack article 2 Jack article 3 Jack article 4

January 19, 2011 posted by

The Science Behind P90X2

“I’m excited,” said Marcus last night as we put the finishing touches on P90X mc2’s final third phase workouts. “We’re going to do a lot of good for people.” Apparently…

health news
January 13, 2011 posted by

Sad Cow Disease

A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes I don’t eat animal products unless I know how the animal was raised and…

January 12, 2011 posted by

Hey Ridley, Got Any Beemans?

I’m not a real test pilot but I play one on TV. Yesterday, in the line of duty as Beachbody’s lab rat, I tried something called Jet Fuel. But instead…

January 7, 2011 posted by

Focused On Lifetime Goals

I think I’ve figured out how to pay homage to all of the birthday challenges done in my honor. Each segment of the year I’ll pick an element from some…

January 2, 2011 posted by

2 Mil Hill

2 Million With Greg Hill from FD Productions on Vimeo. Throwing a little more Greg Hill love your way for the New Year. This is one of the coolest pedestrian…

January 1, 2011 posted by

A Year Of Fitness

My New Year’s Resolution is simple; to get into the best shape of my life. Since I’ve been living on a similar theme forever I suppose it could be termed…