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July 22, 2011 posted by

Training Weaknesses

It’s not just a cliché to say that in order to get better you must be willing to get worse when it comes to training. And though it’s easy to…

July 20, 2011 posted by

“One Hell of an Epic”

I’ve got to admit it’s been the most spirited Tour de France in a long time. We’ve seen sprinters winning mountain stages, rouleurs wearing the sprint jersey, and the guy…

July 17, 2011 posted by

The Incredible Hulk

BD athletes Kate Rutherford and Brittany Griffith attempt Venturi Effect (IV 5.12) on the Incredible Hulk, High Sierras, CA from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo. The headlines have been filled…

July 10, 2011 posted by

Oh, My, God

The world’s first triple back flip on a bike. My stomach is still in my throat. Think I’ll watch it again…

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July 6, 2011 posted by

The USDA’s Pyramid Scheme

I haven’t ranted in a while but figure all this nonsense about the USDA’s food pyramid, um, plate is a good time to get back in the game. Apparently, at…

July 2, 2011 posted by

Le Velo

There’s this bike race in France that started today that, for some reason, I just can’t get psyched on this year. Maybe if I watch Le Velo a few more…