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October 25, 2011 posted by

P90X2 Prep: Block II

Remember back to the very first day you tried P90X? Unless you couldn’t do pull-ups this was likely one of the more devastating physical experiences of your life. The P90X…

October 21, 2011 posted by

The Lord of the Widz

This week’s Psyche is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a climbing story—and an esoteric one at that—but its narrative could apply to any…

birthday challenge
October 18, 2011 posted by

It’s Not Birthday Pretty Hard…

…It’s Birthday Challenge. Training for my challenge has commenced and it’s not pretty. Even though I have good base fitness, and very good particular fitness for, say, running and biking…

October 13, 2011 posted by

Bike Commuting Makes You Happier, And Faster

everything relates to kevin bacon. everything. Here’s a great little blog post on the pros of bike commuting by local superstar Alex Grant. It almost makes me miss the days…

October 11, 2011 posted by

P90X2 Preppin’

Part of my birthday challenge training will be to also prep for a round of P90X2 that I plan to do starting first of the year. I’m easily fit enough…

October 7, 2011 posted by

Picos De Europa: Add It To Your Hit List

It’s incredibly apropos that I found this video for the Friday Psyche, as I’ve just returned from a trip that included a sneak peek at one of the more inspiring…

birthday challenge
October 5, 2011 posted by

50 To 50, Plus One

“From now on, we train all day. Every day.” – In God’s Hands I tried this last year but all hell broke loose and, hence, my big plans got put…