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Post-activation Potentiation
April 26, 2012 posted by

Training For Speed

I’m in a phase of training for speed/explosiveness, as you might guess from the PAP workout I posted last week. Along with my training I’ve been reading some old literature…

April 21, 2012 posted by

Portrait Of An Athlete: Lindsey Vonn

brightcove.createExperiences(); Some of you may not believe me but I’m not always motivated. Sometimes I feel like going to happy hour instead of training. There are times when I question…

April 19, 2012 posted by

How To Choose The Right Exercise Program

In my last chat I was asked why P90X2 wasn’t as good for weight loss as P90X. Ironically that same week Tony Horton hosted some coaches for a workout at…

Full Body PAP
April 17, 2012 posted by

Full Body PAP

As promised, here’s the friggin’ awesome workout I’ve been doing. If you don’t have time to do PAP Lower and Upper separately here’s an idea for combining them. It takes…

integration training
April 16, 2012 posted by

Integration Experiment

Today I begin experimentation with a 10-day integration program designed to lead to a short performance peak. I’ve spent most of the last couple of months training indoors and need…

April 5, 2012 posted by

Muscular Endurance, Part 2

Last week’s post on training muscular endurance generated some questions requiring further explanation. Let’s do a little q and a. Jonathan Mann asks, “Would this work well alongside marathon training?”…

health news
April 4, 2012 posted by


[ustream id=21552641 hwaccel=0 width=480 height=296] Video streaming by Ustream This week’s Beachbody’s Eating and Exercise Police (BEEP) chat feature’s a 30-minute cooking show with Ani and Steph (Julia Child’s got…