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2014: Endless Summer/Winter/Whatever…

2014: Endless Summer/Winter/Whatever…

Endless Summer opening from ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos on Vimeo.

Using today’s knowledge of training means we can be fit for sports whenever we want. You don’t need an Endless Summer to shred in the water during your annual two weeks off. In fact, it can be argued that efficient training can make having life commitments a plus when it comes to sports performance. In classic lab rat fashion I’ll once again be putting this to the test this year, perhaps with slightly more focus than in previous editions.

P90X3 for outdoor sports  – You knew this was coming, certainly, as X3’s an extension of a series. 30 minute workouts increase the possibilities for training specifically.

Training for climbing as we age – As much as I love watching kids train for climbing, as well as defying my own aging, trying to emulate Ramon Julian’s training schedule when you’re over 40 is going to end badly. If older is going to mean wiser, we need to train smarter.

Peaking for a holiday trip – I’ve been doing this for years, generally for multiple sports at a time. Currently I’m psyched on climbing, so I’ll try and hit a few specific climbing peaks and we’ll see how that goes. I’m in the process of selling my race bikes to heighten the commitment.

road trips rule

The high fat/low carb diet – as most of you know, I experiment with diets. I’ve given most of the low carb fads a run around the block but some interesting discussion on the body’s ability to covert fat to glycogen has my interest. I’m skeptical, and wouldn’t invest in such a plan if I were racing, but I can definitely work climbing-specific training around a high fat diet long enough to give this a whirl.

And, of course, I’ll keep a critical eye out for the latest health and fitness hyperbole to keep you in the loop on the straight dope on legitimacy versus marketing madness.

Now, just because we can train more efficiently in no way means an Endless Summer isn’t rad. For me, chasing conditions in pursuit of sport is the ultimate dream. But for most of us, even the guys in this iconic film, life is slightly more complicated. That’s where I come in.


Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog.


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