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August 10, 2011 posted by

26er vs 29er

If you’re one of those who still isn’t sure what size wheels to ride on the dirt you must check out this video. I’ve been a 29er convert since the first time I got a leg over one because it just felt right. I was never sure whether or not it made me faster but I was certain that it’s more comfortable and, hence, more fun. There’s no doubt you can feel some advantages with smaller wheels but you’re never really sure if it’s faster or just feels that way because you’re covering less ground on each revolution. In this video professional racer Christoph Sauser sorts it out once and for all.

the most definitive comparison in wheels size is best tested rigid, which will leave you wondering why anyone would ever bother making a 26 inch single speed.


  • So, according to Specialized, you just need to buy both of their Epics. An easy $15k. No problem,J

  • Didn't you just get one of them for free? Maybe that was a carrot so you'd buy the other one as well.

  • 29" = comfy, rolls over stuff; i agree. i personally prefer my 26" rigid ss which is much more nimble on technical stuff and suits my short stature. that said, philosophically, ride whatever gives you a boner and do a pop-a-wheelie!marc

  • Didn't get the epic. Got the Carbon Comp 29er – hardtail. And until it actually shows up, I'm not so convinced.Nothing in this life is free.

  • 29er for cross country, 26er for the sproingy bits and for jumping off stuff. Both leave a big smile on my face.

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