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3 Easy Steps To Weight Loss

3 Easy Steps To Weight Loss

This week’s weight loss bloggery will contrast greatly. Today, it’s as simple as you can get. Thursday, not so much. We’ll kick it off some stuff “Duh Files” stuff, but is it really?

You can banter about diet until the cows come home (I know what this means, yet it still makes no sense) but it all comes down to, mainly, three things. Follow this small list and you’ll likely never have weight issues again. You may not set a speed record up Le Alpe d’Huez, get on the cover of Shape, or pose down someone to tears in front of his lady friend, but you won’t have to book two seat on your next flight, either. When you get right down to it, weight loss basics are pretty simple. Do some exercise, and…

1. Drink more water. Most people overeat because they’re dehydrated. Drink 2 glasses of water every morning and keep on going throughout the day. A good gauge is to aim for half your body weight in ounces each day. Or, shoot, just make it an even gallon. You’re not going to drink too much, but I’ll bet you drink too little. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel and function.

2. Cut out (or at least down) on junk. Let’s face it, most of us know where our diets are going south. We eat too much packaged junk, desserts, fast food and cheap beer. Like, way too much. Stats show we get over 10% of our calories from soda, fast food is a jillion-dollar industry, AM/PM’s are way more popular than farmer’s markets and we drink more beer, per capita, then the country that invented it. Yet, we have an insatiable appetite for answers to our issues that aren’t (quite literally) right in front of our face.  Instead of worrying about eating like a caveman or whether or not you’re allergic to gluten, try cutting the crap out of your diet and see what that does for you. Chances are you’ll never have to suffer through a diet book again.

3. Eat to fuel recovery (aka eat for what you do). Instead of eating until you’re stuffed, try eating just enough so you recover from your workout, or whatever else you just did. Somehow we’ve gotten used to feeling full as our default state, or goal, which is positively bourgeois In a survival state, aka a performance state, you’d want to feel light, not full. Getting used to feeling light, to help push harder during your workouts, and you’ll end up eating pretty close to optimally because performance is addicting, too.


  • Great tips !!!

  • Hi Mr. Edwards,

    I wonder what you think about Tabata workout.


  • How about 1 Step to Easy Weight Loss:

    Step 1: Eat less

  • Love Tabata workouts. Good, pukey fun.

  • Good to hear Bobby from Norco do something other than ask questions. Gotten wise after all these years, too.

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