What’s an Impresario?

“They call me an impresario. That ain’t dirty, is it?”
– Ben Bowman

In 2006,  The Straight Dope on Fitness,  Nutrition, and Outdoor Sports began in response to Beachbody customers looking for a deeper level of insight than was appropriate for our more pop-oriented newsletters and program guides. Besides casting a critical eye at the standard health news of the day and diving into physiology beyond what you’ll find in the average health rag, it’s also been a place to catalog my own adventures, training programs, and dietary experimentations that have, more or less, defined my life.


With over 1,000 posts and millions of hits, it’s been ranked as one of the top blogs in the fitness industry and will continue to evolve as feedback dictates. The launch of The Beachbody Blog should free up time for more time to continue with style; allowing things to become more edgy, and more relevant, for those who dig fitness, nutrition, and testing their body’s limits on a visceral level.

What is a fitness impresario? Not sure but it keeps me in moccasins. I’m interested in exploring life to its fullest, especially in the realm of understanding our physical and mental limits. I’ve been called white mouse or Raton Blanco (by Caballo Blanco), human lab rat, weirdo and just plain crazy. Beachbody took their best shot at a bio but, whatever,base your judgement on what you think of the content, not the context. If you figure it out you can let me know but, frankly, I don’t much care. If I’m not working I’ll be outside getting tired, though I’ll never miss a chance to sandbag friends into carrying the beer. And, yes, there may be an inside joke, or two or three, recurring throughout this blog, and my life in general. See you out there.

pic: “if you brought beer up here, you’re insane.” “i may be insane, but i’m not stupid. i didn’t’ carry it. you did. it’s in your pack.”