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March 12, 2011 posted by

30k On Crutches

30th Birthday Challenge from Micah Elconin on Vimeo.

This week’s psyche goes to Micah Elconin for surviving one of the grimmer days of suffering I’ve seen. When an injury forced him to change his original birthday challenge he went big–maybe a little too big but that’s all the better for the viewer. His blog reports:

I’m a sucker for physical challenges, and a new idea was rising to the surface – could I cover 30km of trail on crutches in a single push?

It seemed possible, but given that I’d never covered that much ground with 2 healthy legs, I knew there would be significant suffering involved in an attempt. Perfect.

Yep, he said crutches. Micah nearly lost his foot in a climbing accident a while back and his one of his appendages is covered with something called a fixator. The video is quite entertaining should answer any questions.


  • Hey Steve i contacted you a while ago on how to get on bd challenge, you told e to send you the challenge info, i opened a blog to keep track of it, how can i keep in touch with you for updates and progress of the challenge or do i just give you the page site?Well any ways here is the challenge:

  • i officially feel inadequate! grim challenge, well executed and beautiful elements of suffering; i'm now sufficiently inspired! thanks.marc

  • Well, somebody should say something about the dress in the bottom picture. Micah seems to be preparing himself for action.

  • @JT KirkDamn she's hot….

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