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October 5, 2011 posted by

50 To 50, Plus One

“From now on, we train all day. Every day.”
– In God’s Hands

I tried this last year but all hell broke loose and, hence, my big plans got put on the backburner. Luckily—amazingly is more like it—Romney convinced more than 70 of my friends to take up the cause for me. The result was a fantastic birthday present with more than enough suffering and creativity to make up for my lacking fortitude. So what in God’s name am I blathering about, you ask?

A birthday challenge, man. You gotta feed the monkey. Man.

So today I realized that, once again, I’m 50 days from 50…um…one. Just like last year. Until that realization I was considering, given my injuries (which have yet to be announced ), that I’d do something last minute but the serendipity of my revelation means, to me, that I’m meant to both train and rehab and fire off something epic.

So today was day one of my official 50 day training program. It was modest. An hour on the hippie rig followed by Upper Body Balance from the P90X One on One series. But nothing hurt too bad and I’m fairly confident that my injuries will heal up in time. It will test my rehab knowledge, which is part of the challenge.

Nothing is set as of yet. Only that there will be a challenge, and that it looks like it will be set in and around Mammoth Lakes/Bishop and involve Bob and Josh. Boys, you know what an epiphany is? A line has been drawn in the sand.

“So, the challenge is out there and we hope to see you some day on a big jump.”
– License to Thrill

We will return after a message from our sponsors…

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  • Sounds awesome. I'm sure Bishop will be a better basecamp than Apple Valley, although your Birthday Challenge might include 51 hours of slogging through snow. I'll play along from here with 51 hours of sleep deprivation in a hospital while Amber has baby #2.

  • Hey SteveYour posts in the past have inspired me to do a birthday challenge of my own this year. I turn 27 at the end of November so "27" will be a big theme. Good luck with yours, looking forward to seeing the details about yours!-Tyler

  • Yeah, we'll save the retro challenge for a year Amber won't mind us stinking up the High Desert. Tyler, record your challenge and we'll get it up on the site, I think. We've had a hard time getting anyone to do updates but with all this activity I should try and find some time to start again. And Reed, did you write up yours yet?

  • Steve, I have it all written out, I also plan on making a video diary that day. It will be cold and miserable here in Canada at the end of November when I do mine so all of my goals will be done indoors, nothing crazy like some of you folks with rock climbing/biking/etc.

  • I'm working on the challenge report right now. By the weekend for sure, now that I'm motivated and working on it.I think the reason there's less challenges on the BC website is that so many people do blogs instead of write-ups and it's harder to make them look good on the site.

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