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November 22, 2010 posted by


I awoke today to something amazing. Well, actually, I woke up and did 50 minutes of yoga before discovering it but that’s another storyline. So somehow, someway, Romney got about 70 of my friends to do birthday challenges in my honor and recorded them all here:


I’m honored, humbled, inspired, entertained, and absolutely baffled at how she pulled this off without me catching even the slightest drift about what she was up to. Most of these people are pretty close friends, whom I talk to regularly, and I never had the slightest clue that it’s been happening for months. I never doubt my wife’s talents. She’s shockingly proficient at everything she tries (except mtn biking, for some reason, but she doesn’t really try). But until today I would have been skeptical if the Vice President leaked a Plame-gate story about her longtime covert activities with foreign governments. Not so much anymore.

if i’m “the climbing james bond” could romney be the climbing maria freudenstein?

50 is shaping up to be quite an adventure. And today I’m now adding a lot of reading to its kick-off, which also includes work and a fair amount of exercise. I’m so motivated that I’m going to highlight these challenges individually at TSD and add many of their elements into the upcoming year. But enough of my yappin’. This post is simply here to yield the floor. As Bob said in his book’s acknowledgements, “Everyone has friends. Mine are better.” Enjoy.

To all my frieeeeeeeeends!


  • That's awesome! Happy birthday!

  • Wow, that is just fabulous! What a great wife you have, along with a bunch of really great friends. 🙂 The happiest of birthday's to you and welcome to the 50's! Sam

  • Happy Birthday Steve!

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