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6 Reasons Why Shakeology is Rad

6 Reasons Why Shakeology is Rad

Here’s a story no one knows about Shakeology. I worked on this project for years before it happened. I used to put similar-type drinks in front of Carl and he’d snarl at me, saying things like “I’m supposed to drink this?” Admittedly, the market didn’t have many tasty options for super green/protein drinks back then but I knew we could do better. I don’t know if he didn’t believe me but he wasn’t impressed enough with the stuff I had him try to greenlight the project. Then Carl started dating Isabelle, who used to work with me, and the rest is history. Well, not really history as the story is new and still evolving but I wanted to set the stage for something that I’ve been psyched about even when everything similar on the market tasted like drinking colored cardboard from a blender. Here are six reasons why you, too, should be drinking Shakeology.

  1. Check.  Shakeology covers my nutritional bases in about 30 seconds a day. It’s like a daily insurance policy for my health. A glass of Shakeology takes the burden off worrying about getting all the nutrients I need in my on-the-go lifestyle. If a granola bar or frozen burrito have to suffice for dinner, I know I won’t take a massive nutrient hit. I tend not to mess around by making it into fancy shakes, coffee drinks, or dessert. I just mix it with water and boom. Nutrition insurance? Check.
  2. Short workout recovery formula. I use standard Recovery Formula for long days of hard training and racing but, for short exercise, I turn to Shakeology. When your glycogen stores aren’t depleted you don’t need a full dose of R&R. I do a lot of short bouts of strenuous, but not necessarily glycogen-depleting work. Often more than one per day  with short breaks in between. Shakeology gets nutrients into your system quick enough to be effective for this scenario and won’t bog you down like foods filled with fat and fiber can. Shakeology between two short sessions almost always results in a great second workout.
  3. Quick and simple cleansing formula. I do a lot of short cleanses. Whenever I need to give my system a quick shake out I do a two or three day Shakeology Cleanse. It’s a very simple and super effective way to reset your metabolic clock.
  4. It tastes good. “I’d drink motor oil if it helped me perform better,” was my mantra in high school and college. Now I’m pickier. While I’ll still sacrifice taste for performance to some degree, I find it harder and harder to do some stuff that I once found kind of cool, like slugging gross liquids (like predigested protein, unflavored protein powder, etc) straight. We ran a recent test of all the Shakeology-like products on the market and I found that, while I could stomach most of them, for the test I would never reach for them as an option unless I was starving. In fact, I still have a bunch of those samples sitting on my shelves waiting for me to get really hungry, or Armageddon, whichever comes first.
  5. You can make dessert out of it. While I would probably never do this at home, Ani , our in-house chef/nutritionist, makes fantastic desserts with Shakeology and there always seems to be some in her office (that doubles as a lab kitchen). Since I’m technically her boss, I use this priveldge to raid her fridge whenever I need a mid-day pick-me-up. It’s actually so easy to do that someday I may re-think my utilitarian ways around the kitchen.
  6. It makes great smoothies. I may rarely drink them because I’m lazy in the kitchen but, occasionally, when I do take on a nutrition plan that calls for smoothies in place of a meal it’s nice to have something other than protein powder, junk meal replacements, or healthy stuff that’s the consistency of sand to use as a base for your shakes. In fact, the “boy shakes” I make, as my wife calls them, seem great to me even though they generally consist of Shakeology, any of supplements I’m taking at the time, chiaseeds and whatever fruit just happens to be going bad in our kitchen. No matter how weird I get, these are always much better than anything I made for years with the chalky substances that once passed as sports foods.

Thus inspired, I think I’ll go whip up a shake for breakfast.

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Steve’ 53rd Birthday Challenge

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Beachbody Workout of the Day

Tai Cheng– After a long weekend and more running in a day than I’ve done in a while, felt the need for a neural reboot.

Synopsis – Since the dogs couldn’t care less that it looked more like England than Utah outside, we went for two different runs. One up a mountain, the other flat with lots of drills. Felt wet.

Reading & questions answered: /2809 (53/day) –   3& 90 (150 questions and 555 pages), The Charlie Francis Training System.

Servings of Shakeology: /53 – 1(13) – w/ water
Days of Ultimate Reset: /5.3
Days taking supplements: /53 – 13
Days of no alcohol: /53 – 13
Days of no meat: /53 – 13
Coffee Cycles (more on this later): /5.3 – round 2.
King Pin fritters: /5

Beachbody workouts: /53 – 0(15)
Push-ups: /5300 – 200(870)
Jumping jacks: /5300 – 150(750)
Leg lifts: /5300 – 100(1160)
Crunches: /5300 – 150(1150)
Ab Ripper X Moves: /5300 – 200(1200)
Beast back day: /53,000 lbs. 54,000 CHECK
Beast chest day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast shoulder day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast leg day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast arm day: /53,000 lbs.
P90X2 functional warm-up: /53 – 1(12)
Running drills: /53 – 2(12)

Neuro-integrating stretching: /53 – 2(11)
Iron Mind gripper and extensor band reps: /10600 400(3400)
Breath hold sessions: /53 – 1(12)
Stabilizer sessions: /53 – 1(11)
Internal Organ Training: /53 –  2(15)

5.11 Climbs: /5 4(4)
5.12 Climbs: /3 1(1)
5.11 Boulder transverses: /5 – 1
5.12 Boulder transverses: /3 – 1
Campus board movements: /530 – 0(66)
Climb-specific pull-ups: /530 – 0(65)
Cycling on road bike: /53 miles
Cycling on mountain bike: /53 miles 10(10)
Cycling on cyclocross bike: /53 miles 0(26)
Cycling on time trial bike: /53 miles
Cycling on fixed gear bike: /53 miles
Cycling on single speed bike: /53 miles 33(33)
Cycling on tandem bike: /53 miles
Hiking: /53 miles – 5(20)
Running: /53 miles 12(14)
30 minutes of rowing: /5 times 1(1)
30 minutes of elliptical: /5 times
30 minutes of swimming: /5 times

Tasks for his wife: /53 – 0(13)
Chores around the house: /53 – 1(19)
Tasks for his dogs: /53 – dogs are basically sidekicks so this one’s a freebie

Blog posts: /53 – 1 (16)
Team Beachbody Instructional Videos: /5
Team Beachbody Video Chat /5 1(1)
Days keeping these stats: /53 – 1(13)

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  • Hey steve, your list prompted me to think of doing a shakeology cleanse. I have the men’s health urbanathlon on saturday of this week. its a 10.75 mile run and obstacle race. like a tough mudder without the mud. I was going to do a week of p90x phase 1 this week and thought a shake-o cleanse tues-thurs might be a good idea to get primed for the race on saturday. what are your thoughts?

  • It depends upon how well you want to do in the race. I would not do this for optimal performance. If it were, say, a power-based endeavor were strength to weight ratio was paramount then yes. A mixture of power and endurance will require reserves, so I’d eat. Just don’t over eat (or you could gain weight, which you don’t want. I would also taper your training, No way would I do Legs & Back on Friday. I’d say the recovery week would serve you much better if want to peak on the weekend.

  • Shako ROCKS!!

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