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60 Year Old Climbs 14a

Think you’re getting old? It’s all a number. 30 years ago there were no 5.14s in the world so what’s this guy’s doing, at age 60, is the sports equivalent to dominating the NBA during the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era. Pretty rad, eh?

Sure, he lives in Spain, where there are more 5.14 climbers than the rest of the world combined, and has a couple of crankenfrank kids who push him along, but there is simply no way to deny the elite athleticism and dedication it takes to do something like this. When you watch this guy climb there’s no way to tell he’s not 21.

Also on the Psyche meter, this route is in Rodellar, one of my favorite climbing destinations on the planet. Happy Friday. Do something hard this weekend.

So what was the first 14 in the world? Punks in the Gym, in Oz. Here’s a bonus vid of my friend Jarmilla on it.


  • "Money is meant for spending."Brilliant.

  • It is nice to see people changing and moving forward with the sport they are doing. My Dad is 55 and is still running track with a few of his high school buddies – which I think is great – but they never changed their training in decades. Now you really start to see a decline in running form and strength overall. As a P90X, X2 and Asylum grad it's killing me that every "new" training option is washed away by "oh, we didn't do that ever and we where still fast" or similar comments

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