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7 Days To Beijing

A week from now my friend, and boss, Jon Congdon and I will be in Beijing, representing Beachbody at the Olympics. We’re pretty psyched. I’ll be blogging whenever I can.

I love the Olympics. It’s still one athletic event where, try and they may, commercialism and politics don’t play a part. They do play a part in what we get to watch, for sure. From Munich to Moscow to the travesty that was trying to watch the Sydney Games in the US, the powers-that-be of the world try and inflict their greedy little paws on the Games. But that stories that tend to unfold–at least the ones that stick in our hearts and minds–are those of athletes who toil anonymously, often at great personal sacrifice, for a chance at one shining (and fleeting) moment. The Olympics is still the soul of what we call sport.

I wrote a short piece for our newsletter on 10 of the top stories to watch during this year’s Games. Undoubtedly, there will be many more. The best, hopefully, aren’t even on our radar yet. I can’t wait to check out the spectacle first hand.


  • Wow – an experience of a lifetime! Some of these stories you talked about have already shown themselves to live up to the hype. Oh and at 43 myself, 41 and 39 yos in the greatest sporting events ever – truly inspirational (and no more convenient excuses I might add for any of us in that range to achieve all we can;)!

  • Steve,I hope y’all have a fabulous time! Since I’ve been doing Beachbody programs, I’m more interested in the Olympics than ever. Or maybe it is because I’ve started doing triathlons. Thanks for all you do! Enjoy reading your blog.Keith(the guy on the bus from MDB Grand Prize to Hotel)

  • Of course I remember you, Keith. Hope your coaching network is growing like crazy. See you at the next summit, if not at a race beforehand.

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