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I’ve been grounded since the first of the year and trying to find a positive spin on the whole thing. Without going into much detail, I’ve injured my back. I first tweaked it doing one-legged leg presses. Despite being “careful”, I exacerbated the situation skiing, running, and doing Crossfit workouts. After a long yoga session on the last day of the year it became so severe that I’ve hardly been off my back since.

Holistic treatments weren’t improving it so I went western last week. I’m now trying all options to avoid surgery. Cortisteroids (yep, I’m a doper) have seemed to help a tiny bit and I’ve begun some excrusiatingly painful but–so far–slightly effective physical therapy. An MRI hasn’t been done yet. I have a prescription for one but, as the doc said, they’re a road map to surgery and I’m working on other options first. Steroids finish today. If conditions turn south it’ll be time to look at pictures.

The docs seem to think I’ve a slightly rupured disc. My guess is a combination of a slight herniation being made worse by some misalignment caused by on overly tight periformus and a lot of scar tissue in the pelvic region.

I’ve been doing a lot of research as I have to occupy my time somehow. I can only work so much.

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