90 Day Challenge
April 18, 2009 posted by

90 Day Goals

My goal is simple; to climb my project at the G-Spot (video coming soon). This may not sound like a full body experience but, given this may be harder than anything I’ve ever climbed, it will be. Until this challenge it was slated as a more realistic goal for next winter. I’m miles away at the moment. It’s going to take plenty of motivation. I’ll need to lose weight, gain power, endurance, power-endurance, and flexibility.

Plus, given I couldn’t walk a couple of months ago it seemed a tad irresponsible to set goals for biking or running. I’ll still try and do these as much as I can, even if just for wait loss, but the goal in this area is to continually make progress with my injury. That is all.

I also have a big agenda for next year and my climbing is further off for this than my biking. So, for now, I’ll focus on getting the climbing strength up to where it needs to be, which is much easier to do if I’m not exerting too much effort on other things. Once the base strength is there, I can maintain it while bring the running and cycling level back up—all provided that I rehab properly, of course.

I’m also throwing in some French study goals. Not sure what they’ll be, exactly, but right now I’m just going to commit to speaking some French each day. Voila!

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  • Okay, I also have two goals – one concrete and one a little more open-ended. The first is to be able to do 100 pushups in a row. I can bang out about 35-40 decent ones now but I’m failing by the last few. The second is to start doing power yoga 2x/week and find some new ways to increase my core strength, flexibility, etc. I’ve been looking at some studios in my town and I’ll check them out and decide on a teacher/class to get started ASAP.

  • Okay, I decided on my challenge – I’m going to call this 90 day challenge my commitment to excellence. Okay, I’ve done Power 90 before but slacked here and there – okay I dabbled and gave it maybe 60% effort and had awesome results. So, what will happen if I commit to excellence and follow the program exactly as it is laid out? That’s my challenge to do just that…be consistent and follow thru one day at a time….I can’t wait to see what the results will be. 🙂

  • Hmm, isn’t this supposed to start tomorrow. I don’t really have anything planned and I’m not going to do a cycle of 90X because I am not sure that I’m up for it with a weird knee and a bruised rib.So, what to do?5 mile hike/run twice a week.3 mountain bike rides a week.Lift weights twice a week.Do yoga twice a week.The hard one will be the Yoga, since the only Yoga tape I have is 90X and it’s almost an hour and a half. But, it’s probably what I can benefit the most from, so hopefully I will meet my goals.My weight is right around 225 right now, so let’s see what happens as I do this. ~R

  • “Official” start date keeps getting pushed back, but no reason not to get going now. It can always just get harder.

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