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Overtraining Syndrome
crazy training
June 23, 2015 posted by

Overtraining Syndrome

Here’s a great article in Outside called Running On Empty about something  called Overtraining Syndrome. You’ve heard a lot of talk about overtraining here. As with most athletes, the balance…

May 27, 2008 posted by


“This is the most blantant case of overtraining I’ve ever seen. God, I love it!”– David Brainard, to me, climbing Old San Marcos Pass during ’98 Tour simulation Yesterday I…

Ballistics, Blood & Biomechanics
August 27, 2015 posted by

Ballistics, Blood & Biomechanics

Patience. It’s not my favorite word. While I work very hard at it when it comes to how I treat others, that interests wanes when it comes to myself. This…