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A Cool 2 Mil

Since it’s winter it seemed like a good time to mix a little skiing into the Friday Psyche. Hmm, make that a lot of skiing. 2 million vertical feet, both climbed and skied, in one year to be exact. Woah.

Thus is the challenge set forth upon by Canadian badass Greg Hill last January. As of today he’s just at 1,840,019. This means he’s got to average just shy of 10,000 per day for the rest of the year to make it, which is IN-sane! Of course, if you do the math his challenge consists of 200 10,000’ days over the course of the year so it’s not like big days are new to him. How do you even find that much snow?

He’s been blogging all along and you can scroll back and get his perspective. As with most challenges, it’s not all gravy. There have been plenty of up, downs, moments of doubt along the way.

As a novice sucky skier than only aspires to do a bit of ski mountaineering I probably shouldn’t care. But I do. A lot. It’s like climbing Mt Everest, from sea level, 69 times and skiing back down. It makes me want to grab my skis, strap on a headlamp, and head outside right now. 2-fucking-million feet of skiing in a year, all earned. It’s just soooo cool.


  • WOW, that is just beyond cool. Can't even find the words for it. I'll admit, it makes me want to go climb… and then I remember: It's cold out there. 😛 GOOD LUCK GREG, YOU CAN DO IT!!Thanks for sharing this Steve, great inspiration!

  • Um, I'd like to go for 3 mil. Can someone pay all my bills for the year 2011? Thanks, that would be great.

  • Gettin' exercise, makin' bucks…Fuckin', a.

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