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A Few Words About Doping

If you’re a cycling fanatic, like me, your world has been turned upside down by the recent allegations. Doping is always around the sport and an almost everpresent topic of conversation in the cycling world but, still, you don’t see years like this too often. Ever, really. So I’ve been waiting to post something in depth on doping but I want to see Landis’ B sample first. Then I’ll comment.

But it’s funny (ironic funny) that the word on the street about Robert Heras’ positive test after winning the Vuelta de Espana last year was that he didn’t go deep enough on one stage to meet his doctors projections prior to the race and, hence, was given too much EPO after a stage. Landis only generated around 260 watts on his final bonked state climb in stage 16, as opposed to the 400 he would generally generate and, therefore, without 400 watt breakdown projected his daily testes patch may have given him a little too much juice.

I just heard 100 meter runner Justin Gatlin was busted as well. Another word on the street is that track athletes are releived that cycling has been taking away much of the heat they’ve been under as world’s dirtiest athletes. But, really, this is an obvious battle because these athletes–unlike skill sports–rely on their pure physical prowess more than any other. The finer they tune the engine the better chance they have to win and no technique is going to make up for it. So it’s easier to catch them doping than, say, basketball or baseball players where most accusation is often based on conjecture about improved performance or via scuttlebutt from bitter ex-players like Jose Canseco.

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