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A Hill In Spain

A Hill in Spain from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

I had my own psyche post ready to go but then ran across this and, well, I rarely tire of watching such things, and this is hot off the press, so mine can wait. Enjoy.

I don’t do much riding like this myself (none, actually) but I’m still completely inspired by it. I like to use the kid excuse, saying I’d have tried this stuff if I were younger and less fearful, but I’m not sure I would have been into it even in my wildest years (mind wanders back to motorcycle bb gun fights wondering which is crazier). Regardless, I can’t help think most of you will find it pretty rad. Even Romney thinks it’s pretty cool, though she did add, “boys are so weird.” Whatever. I’d still rather huck my bike off a roof, even knowing full well I was about to eat shit, than spend a day at the mall.


  • My parents just got back from Malaga. They watched this video before they left to see what the country was like. Then they watched it again when they got home to see if they could tell exactly where it was. They recognized the quarry and said that their hotel was a few blocks from the cafe at the beach that's near the end of the video. They also said that the streets were pretty busy and he surely had someone managing traffic or he would have killed someone.And, yea, it's a killer video. I'd like to go play in that quarry and check the downhill off the top of the mountain.

  • Hey Steve,I have an unrelated question, so I hope you don't mind.My birthday is in September and I am doing my own birthday "challenge" of gaining 20 pounds of lean muscle weight. Optimistic I know, but I am very skinny and never worked out to gain before. So I was wondering what's a better diet for my goal- a normal clean bulk OR the ABCDE diet (because it would be nice to keep my low BF%).

  • Cool riding.Lame music.

  • Awesome riding. However, talking about hucking your bike off a roof…

  • amazing riding. thanks for sharing. I will be forwarding this to distribution list.

  • its like Hans Rey and Missy Giove reproduced and made that guy. holy crap, that was some of the best trials and downhill i have ever seen.having invested dozens of hours in my teens into trying to do some basic trials riding and into becoming a better downhiller, that guy's abilities are no small thing.trials riding gives you confidence on two wheels that nothing else can, and i recommend to anyone wishing to enhance their road or mountain riding skills to lose the clips, get some fat tires, and bounce around a while.

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