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A-laugh-a While You Can, Monkey Boy!

Who needs scientific training? This guy learned to do this by mimicking monkeys. These are some of the most impressive climbing moves I’ve ever seen by a human. You can get video commentary at the link below:

ps – to whomever guesses where the title of this post came from, beers on me next time.


  • Wow, that's incredible. I love people that prove the human body can do more than we think it can. Thanks for posting.

  • Fantastic.Reminds me of Dan Osman on Bear's Reach: Another anecdote: back in the 80's a friend was hired by the San Diego Zoo to try to climb his way out of the new gorilla enclosure. He failed.

  • That was friggin' awesome!! 🙂

  • That was friggin' awesome! 🙂

  • Must be a victim of the Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems layoff. I had heard they moved the call center to India.

  • You can blame those layoffs on John Bigboote. His management style is very sloppy.

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