11/11/11 challenge
November 24, 2010 posted by

A Very Good Year

It’s going to take me a number of days to get through all of the challenges done in my honor. Given there are nearly 70 I can’t highlight each one, so I’ve been thinking about a plan that pays homage to each challenge individually. Essentially, I’ll take at least one element from each challenge and fold it into my own. Then I’ll highlight the challenges with Friday psyche posts that are grouped into categories so that they don’t take up the entire year.

As to what this means for my fitness, I see a year ahead that’s going to challenge me to a whole new level. The sacrifice and commitment on many of these is huge. Todd’s training schedule/diet is absolutely brutal and Bob’s battle with the elements is something I’ll refer to any day I’m balking about heading out in a storm. And that’s after reading just the first two. Scanning the list I see things like personal records for performance, weight, productivity, etc to a point that’s somewhat intimidating. But, as the saying goes, it’s not birthday pretty hard….

This, of course, will all be done as a build up to my 11/11/11 challenge. Over the next month I’ll come up with a list. If somehow I manage the list, or even the final challenge, I’ll cap it off with a rendition of The Shat’s rendition of It’s A Very Good Year at the party. Feel free to beam me up anytime, Scotty.

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