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A World Bigger Than Yourself

My dad had an article published today in his local paper. He’s discussing issues concerning Lake Tahoe, but his point it relevant to all of us. I’ve never understood the ‘it’s all about me’ cliche. What kind of world would that be to live in?

Ask not what the lake can do for you, but what you can do for the lake.


  • Love the picture Steve MoniqueI must visit the area next time I am on the west coast.

  • We need a grass roots movement from not just the people who live at Lake Tahoe but from people all over the country. Each year hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country visit the lake, mostly because of its beauty and unusual clarity but also because of the many wonderful outdoor activities offered. What most of the people of this country do not realize is that everyone in this country owns the lake. The lake is loosing its clarity and there is a strong effort by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to reverse this aided by scientists and large grants of your money from Federal, State, and Local Governments. However, there are already hundreds of piers and bouys on the lake and the TRPA is being pressured by many to allow 220 more private piers and over a thousand new private bouys over the next 10 years. At the present time there is a moratorium on the building of piers and placing of more bouys on the lake and it has been there since the middle of the seventies, when they discovered the lake had lost about 60 feet of clarity in the previous 30 or forty years. The TRPA was formed at that time to save the lakes clarity and beauty. Once you allow more piers and bouys over the next 10 years, how do you say no to people after that, particularly when we know it will mean more boats on the lake, more people, and more polution. Does this make sense when we are spending millions of your money to save the lake, and people are building private piers and putting in private bouys on your lake?We need people all over the country to write letters to the TRPA telling them that you do not want any new private piers or bouys added to the lake (your lake) because of their detrimental effect on the clarity and beauty of the lake. Maybe then, we may have a chance to reverse the loss of clarity and hopefully someday you will have the pleasure to visit Lake Tahoe and see its remarkable clarity, and the beauty of its many colors and surrounding mountains and trees. Its up to you out there to save Lake Tahoe. Please do it ASAP.TRPA Governing Board128 Market St.Stateline, Nv. (who will get your e-mails to the governing board)Don Lloyd

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