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Abridged Workouts

While my recovery is going a little slower than I’d hoped the design of the P90X workouts has made it easy to continue with my program. I won’t be making the same progress but I’m not sliding backwards either. I’d never done abridged X worouts (except yoga) and hadn’t even really thought about it since we have so many shorter workouts to choose from. But every workout in the X rotate is set up so that it works well if you can only do it in parts.

This is particularly true with the focused body part resistance workouts. I’ve been warming up, doing half of the sets, then doing the cool down. It’s plenty of training. It ain’t X, but no one is wasting away doing this many sets on the given body part. Since the more cario intensive workouts have an intensity over time component they are less effective when abridged–more like maintenance work.

All in all, my two week off period has me in a similar fitness state to where I left off. I’d be exstatic about this if I could jump back in full bore but I don’t think I’ve recovered enough yet. Hey, wasn’t I supposed to start doubles tomorrow?

pic: bikes clean and ready for simulated Giro. Am I?


  • Hi Steve,I ran the Catalina 50 miler in Jan and was pretty well trained with the X. Then I herniated a disc in my back doing dead-lifts. I’m trying to work my way back, starting with P90 and then progressing back to the X. I’m doing more body-weight stuff (pullups and pike-press) to sub for weight work to ease in with my back. Any suggestions would be appreciated – I really want to get back to where I was with the X.All the best in your recovery – so glad I found this treasure of information and inspiration in your blog. Thanks, Phil

  • Hey Phil,I like you style; combining utlra endurance and power. My main piece of advice would be to come back slowly. This is hard for everyone, utlra people even moreso. In fact, maybe I should tell you to ignore me since I’m pushing what I’m supposed to be doing right now, which can be punctuated with as usual. I’m trying–really, I am–to not go too overboard and am still telling myself that I’ll not race in July if I’m not ready. Your situation is fairly common and people come back from your injury very strong all the time. There’s no reason why you won’t be back doing X and ultras reasonably soon.

  • Thanks Steve. I’ve been doing alot of work in the pool – and alot more yoga than I used to. The running is back on track and I’m working my way back. Best of luck in your return as well.Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.:) phil

  • Hi Steve,I am a P90X grad and I’ve been using P90X+ for a few months too. I tore ligaments in my right ankle two weeks ago and obviously have been having a hard time continuing. I think I can start doing the upper body and ab work but I’d like to hear your comments on what work outs I can do to maintain my progress and what I can do to substitute the cardio work. Thank you, Jason

  • Steve, I did not know where to post this but I hope you will share it with the Beachbody Team. I am 43yrs old and just completed my 90day with P90x.I have battled with dangerously high triglyceride levels for the past 13 years and have always been told i coould not control it without medication because it was genetic.I finally have gotten tired of taken the medication and decided to give P90x a try. Before P90x my Triglyceride levels were around 850 without medication and 139 on medication(Tricor) Scared at what iwas doing to my liver i started and completed my first 90 days and just had my labs drwan yesterday. My levels are all completley normal triglyceride level was 99 done completely bu using p90x and following the diet. Thank yo Beachbody for not only changing my life but for saving it. Thank you, Billp.s I took myself off the Tricor 2 months before ordering p90x in order to get accurate results. my physician could not believe it.

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