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ABS Nationals: Men and Women

ABS Nationals: Men and Women

This week’s Psyche is both the men’s and women’s finals of the American Bouldering Series. Competition climbing has come a long way from “The Dream Maker,” Patrick Edlinger, inching his way up the Snowbird resort in the 80s. While admittedly very cool to a group of die hard climbers, most seeing the dominant French climbers in person for the first time, it probably sealed climbing’s fate as a mainstream sport CBS’s coverage was in no danger of threatening Monday Night Football advertising dollars.

Today’s crew ascends steep boulders in lighting speed, with movements that look like something out of a video game. As I’ve said before, the notion that this can’t beat out something like Curling as acceptance in the Olympics is absurd. While it was hard to fathom how difficult it was for Edlinger to cling to match sticks 120′ up a vertical wall, today’s athletes are often airborne in positions most people couldn’t get into in a yoga class. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that it might be hard to one-finger pocket is such a position. CBS, it’s time to give climbing another close-up.

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