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“Age Doesn’t Mean Shit”…

…is a somewhat famous quote by track legend Johnny Gray after he won some race (Pam Am Games I recall—maybe age affecting my memory) in his 40s. And while father time will catch up to all of us eventually it’s been my mantra both before and after he’d said it. In fact, I’d say it’s an unspoken mantra for Beachbody since our goal as trainers is to offset aging through diet and exercise, which is more effective than even anti-aging medicine if you want to live an active life for as long as you’re here.

With that I present today’s Psyche vid of 52 year old college professor Bill Ramsey climbing an 8c (5.14b). This is a grade climbed by only a fraction of climbing’s elite. And while it sounds like he gave to route over 400 attempts most people still wouldn’t be able to do this if they were paid to climb full time. It’s an incredible athletic achievement, especially for old dude, and even more so considering how powerful the climb is since we lose fast twitch muscle fiber as we age.

Ramsey’s training is legendary. According to Mike Doyle’s blog:

At some point I will try to get footage of one of his training days. 6am wakeup, stumble to the coffee maker, go into his garage for some deadhangs to warmup, do a little training there, then off to the climbing gym for 3-4 hours then to the treadwall for another 2-3 hours before hitting weights to finish it off. I can’t even fathom it but clearly it works for him.

Who says you have to reduce training volume with age? I am inspired, though I’ll still never attempt one route 400 times because, well, I’d probably lose my mind, my wife, and most of my friends. That said I still find this exceptionally cool.


  • Only reason you can write this is that you seem to have worked out some kind of Dorian Gray deal with the devil so that I'm getting all your age-related degenerative sports injuries. Fuck you, Oscar Wilde Edwards.

  • The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

  • 400 times is a lot, but I remember when I lived in Vegas and every visiting friend wanted to go to the Gallery I didn't have much choice but to repeatedly get on the climbs I hadn't done. I'm sure if I stayed there long enough I would have ticked the entire wall or died trying…I don't know how many times I tried The Gift or Down Boys, but it was a lot…And yea, Bill Ramsey seems awesome.

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