90 Day Challenge
May 25, 2009 posted by

Amore di Giro!

The Giro is featuring some exciting and brutal racing. It may not be a traditional grand tour this year but I’m in total agreement with this perspective.

Amore di Giro

The virtually Giro has turned more into a prep phase, but given it’s the first block of the 90-Day Challenge, that’s what it’s really supposed to be. The pull-ups and all the climbing had aggrevated my elbow, so I’m in full and agressive rehab mode and I’ll post that program if it works.

Yesterday it rained, postponing climbing plans and giving me a serendipitous rest day. Well, not rest exactly. It is the virtual Giro, meaning that I needed some aerobic training. So besides my rehab and core work, B and I went out to explore some new trails in the mud/rain. Good stuff.

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