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Apparently, I Am Brainwashing You

This week’s Friday psyche stays home as The Straight Dope was named as one of the 50 most influential blogs in the sports industry.

Top 50 Blogs Covering the Sports Industry

Okay, so it’s last on the list. Still, there are millions of blogs out there and this one’s pretty much done it via word of mouth. It’s never been promoted. Has no PR team and, in fact, no team at all. It’s pretty much spread through my friends in the outdoor sports world and the Beachbody community. So here’s a big thank you to all of my readers. But, really, I prefer the title of educator to influencer, please. I swear I’m not trying to brainwash anyone.

Enjoy your holidays. We at TSD (me, Romney, and the vermin) will be heading out to California to see family and friends and put the finishing touches on my rest phase. When we get back training will begin in earnest. Now it’s off for a quick ski to keep us all placated before sitting in the car for 9 hours.

Cheers to you are yours, and may you all have a very Patrick Swayze Christmas.


  • Ok, the brainwashing link….a stroke of pure genius that I had entirely forgotten about

  • Actually I would say that yours is number 10, since all those other categories are not that interesting. I was thinking it was going to be 50 good websites to check out and that wasn't the case. There's some good ones, but they certainly aren't all great. I'll stick with yours.~Reed

  • Big congrats! I hope more people visit and can learn!Also, thanks for the video. Going to decorate a bar stool now!/

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