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Are You Training Or Just Exercising?

In an interview I did recently about program creation the interviewer was surprised, if not shocked, that the process began not with an exercise concept, movement technique, or gadget but simply with a goal. There are many different ways to train but if there isn’t a specific target in mind then you aren’t training, you are simply exercising. With that in mind, here is where I explain what I’m trying to do with my Asylum Hell Month schedule.


A: Expanded base fitness for a summer of climbing, biking, running, adventuring challenges

B: Duathlon Nationals end of April

C: Try something new

While the scheduled target is a race, if that were all I was thinking about I’d only be riding and running this close to the event. However, in all honesty, I don’t really like multi-sport racing that much and only targeting this as an early-season eye opener to force some focus on speed work. My true goals for the year will come much later. So this training phase is sort of an advanced base cycle to build towards a minor peak.
I’m also getting to try out a new program (the perils of my vocation), which doesn’t always work into my more sports-specific agendas. This seemed like perfect timing. Since I’ve been doing the MC2 workouts so much lately it will give me a better comparison between the two than I got when I did the Asylum moves back in its testing phase.

Ultimately, it will be a failure if I’m not faster in a month than I am now. But, also, I’m willing to sacrifice a lot of top end speed for the trade-off of more overall fitness that will aid my more mountainous endeavors over the summer and fall. With that in mind, here is my April training plan.


Climb = climbing training or climbing (didn’t seem worth getting specific on this here)

NIS = neuro-integrated stretching, which is a stretching technique where you force reps to open up areas (see mc2 for more)

Mtb = moutain bike

LT = lactate threshold


  • Thanks I agree you have to have a plan of action. Note to self: REVISE MINE!Oh and thanks for the great blogs and for leaving a comment on mine 🙂

  • I agree 100 percent. If you are not going anywhere (lack of goals), any path will get you there. Setting up realistic goals in one of the most important thing. Steve, would you mind to post a program that replaces Asylum by something else (regular Insanity). I do not think the program is out, and I have a multi discipline event in 5 weeks. Thanks

  • Do you sleep? That schedule is nuts.

  • It's really not that nuts. Most of those sessions are pretty short–less than 3 hours a day on the hard days and much less on the easy ones. For some of my birthday challenges I've trained a ton more than this and, yes, trained the ability not to sleep as well.

  • Speaking of challenges, got my buddies hooked on that site. First up is an attempt at 100 miles on the AT in 29 hours in August. I'm on support duty, but we'll let you know how it goes.

  • Steve, Could you please elaborate on the neuro-integrated stretching? I've never heard of this and my quick google searches just pointed me back here. Thanks in advance and i've really enjoyed reading your blog.

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