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Asylum, Inspiration, & Adrian Peterson

Here’s a Friday Psyche for the ages, and I don’t even watch football. It’s a (short) story of one of the best players in NFL, Adrian Peterson, and his comeback from what many thought would be a career-ending (or at least altering) injury. If you don’t feel like training today, this will change your mindset.

Note that at 2:25 Shaun T and Insanity: The Asylum make an appearance. Yep, that’s right; a guy with the means to use any training system he wants seems to have chosen one of ours as a part of his repertoire. It’s obviously only a part of his regimen–he has very specific goals–but it’s also a testament that we’re not the only ones who think our programs are cutting edge.


  • I don’t believe he’s using Asylum. It looks more like a voiceover! This is very misleading to people who are thinking that AD is actually using Insanity: Asylum. Remember, this video was made by a random fan and just took clips and music vids elsewhere and put it all together.

  • You mean it’s misleading to say that it seems like he’s doing Asylum when he’s doing movements from Asylum with Shaun’s voice in the background? It is possible that he’s not doing Asylum, but what he is doing, during that time Shaun’s VO is running, is straight out of those workouts. Not that we invented those movements but they are in our program, so how is that misleading? Dr. Marcus Eliiott , head of our Scientific Advisory Board, became aware of us because he kept working with professional athletes who’d been using P90X. This wouldn’t be the first time.

    I guess we could have made the video but I doubt we’d have the restraint to be so subtle:) Anways, we vetted the filmmaker a little bit. He mainly make NFL films and has well over a million views, so if he were slinging BS no doubt he’d have been shut down by now.

  • “a guy with the means to use any training system he wants chose one of ours as a part of his repertoire.” Very misleading! That’s all I’m going to say Mr. Edwards. Those moves in those clips of AD doing “Asylum” moves, well, they’re very well known moves before Asylum came out. Established moves in any fitness routine, especially that one of the agility ladder. But continue to give Asylum credit! Have a nice day!

  • That’s ridiculous this is obviusly not a verified fact. If you want to post this to the public show us true evidince. I’m disappointed Steve

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