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Asylum Strength

I love this workout. It’s a very boring thing to say but I can’t think of anything funny, sarcastic, or even clever to crack wise about. It’s one of those workouts that simply suits me. It’s hard but not in a “I’m about to dread this” kind of way (should be noted I enjoy pain because I’m sure many of you won’t agree). It’s just a solid total body workout that is the sort of thing I can almost always blend with my other sports specific training.

So what’s it like?

It follows the Asylum format of kicking into gear out of the gate with a very active warm-up. These warm-ups are the kind of thing that let you know if you should be doing this program. If you can’t complete the warm-up you aren’t ready. No reason to get frustrated, just use a different program to prepare. Remember it’s designed to be done post Insanity.

The workout consists of a bunch of functional-style strength movements that work every muscle group in your body. No matter which you are targeting each movement requires engaging your core from an athletic position. As the workout progresses form becomes harder to hold but remains the focal point of your concentration. It not so much about how much you lift as how well you can control each lift. The result is a balanced full body pump that has you feeling like… well… you just got stronger.

There’s also some variability for those of you without a pull-up bar. I’ve done the movements both ways and I don’t have a preference as the ground variations seems to work as well as the pull-up options. Ironically, however, the one place in this workout where I have the most room to improve is with an exercise called “rock climbers”. This is a move where you hang in a lock-off position and switch your grip back and forth for a full minute (or is it two? Felt like two)–and it come late in the workout. I’m not sure how well the cast did because I was too preoccupied to watch, but from what it sounds like I’m sure it laid the hurt on.

While this must be the dullest review of a workout I’ve ever written I think Asylum Strength will get more use than any anything in my Beachbody arsenal. For someone like me who does a lot of mountain sports–or, really, any weekend warrior whose sport provides a lot of cardiovascular fitness—it’s a perfect compliment.

pic: choosing between a plank row or ‘rock climbers’ (note lock-off position becoming compromised. yes, it’s hard)


  • Sounds like I'm going to have a good time with this program, although I'm sure it will kick my butt for a long while. Was this filmed on a sound stage somewhere or in an actual stadium? I like the sports aesthetic this program has going.

  • Yaniro was doin this back in the 80s. Nothin new.Reed had the video.I was into these dudes before anyone. Used to party with 'em all the time.-Josh

  • Did they ask you to be their manager?


  • Yikes, thrilled and scared 🙂

  • Are the extra equipment important? part of the reason I liked insanity so much is that it didn't require all the extra stuff? If so do you need the deluxe or is the regular version better?

  • I called Bullsh!$ on that. Managing a band aint no job for a man.

  • I'm getting more excited about The Asylum. I'm in week 4 of my second round of Insanity right now… hopefully I'll be prepared for this.Same question as above about extra equipment. I already own a pull-up bar, and my understanding is also that it comes with the agility ladder. Do you need weights or dumb bells? If so, what size(s)? I don't own any and am loathe to buy a whole set… I also own a TRX suspension trainer – would that suffice?

  • Already out.. had for about a week KILLER..comes with agility ladder and speed rope..

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