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February 6, 2013 posted by

Back With A Video Chat

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By popular demand I’m posting again here on Blogger. The transfer to the new site’s turning out to be more complex than expected so posts will henceforth resume here until the new site is deemed acceptable. If you comment and it doesn’t come through please try again as I’m having a lot of trouble with spammers lately.

Business has been charging along as usual, with the somewhat major addition of a trip to India and Nepal that’s effectively tossed a crazy wrench into what’s already a filled-to-the-gills schedule. I’ve been keeping news items worthy of critical review, which I’ll get to (most probably after my trip) once I’ve caught up on the backlogging what I’ve been up to.

The Yak Attack, catalyst for upcoming voyage, will also merit some attention and I’ll try to do it justice. For now, let’s re-conveine with Denis and I bantering for an hour. The chat opens with immune talk, given our entire office is currently sick, and then moves into standard q and a.

PS – you can access this blog via steveedwardsfitness now and, since the site will be moving there, you might as well get used to that being the home page.


  • Great chat Steve, I love the ending. Quick question, how long do you cycle off of caffeine for?

  • It varies. The longer you go off of it the better it works when you go back on. I'll often use situations, like being sick, as a good time to start an off cycle but if I'm really serious about an athletic event I'll do a cycle for that. A week's enough to get a decent bump but two weeks is much better.

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